How to Use the Mini Centrifge

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How to use the microcentrifuge to make it have long service life. The correct operation method of handheld centrifuge will reduce the damage of the centrifuge and extend the life of the handheld centrifuge. It will save customers time and reduce economic costs.

1. The centrifuge should always be in a horizontal position, because the mini centrifuge is small and light. It is easy to shake when it is not working in a horizontal position, which will cause the centrifuge could not work properly or may cause accident.

2. The voltage of the external power supply system should be matched. The microcentrifuge should work in an indoor environment and a good grounding wire is required.

3. Before starting the handheld centrifuge, please check whether the rotor is installed firmly and whether there is any foreign matter falling into the cavity.

4. If an abnormal phenomenon is found during the centrifugation process, the power supply should be turned off immediately and reported to the relevant company‘s technicians for repairing

5. The sample should be pre-balanced, The centrifuge cylinder level of samples at mirocentrifuge should be balanced at the same time when using the centrifuge tube for centrifugation. The centrifuge tube of the mini centrifuge is very small, which means that the balance error that the instrument can withstand is also very small, so the mini centrifuge must be accurately balanced.

6. When volatile or corrosive liquids are centrifuged, centrifuge tubes with a cover should be used, and the liquid should not leak out to avoid corrosion of the machine cavity or cause accidents.

7. After operation, a record of the usage should be made each time, and various performances of the machine should be checked and repaired regularly.



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